About Aztek Fire Safety

Aztek Fire Safety - a Louisiana made, Louisiana proud company - specializes in turnkey software solutions. We provide customizable business, safety, and incident response solutions for the emergency response and industrial sectors. Our COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) solutions deliver innovative applications for tracking asset locations, spot inspections, up-to-the-minute deficiencies, maintenance history records, which streamline daily activities. Our convenient and intuitive systems mimic facility operations on a mobile portal with immediate access anytime, anywhere.

At Aztek Fire Safety, we focus on providing you the tools to make your team more efficient, more transparent and more accountable. Our cloud-based platform delivers innovative approaches to manage any situation, including emergencies, while minimizing downtime and collateral damage.


Fire extinguishers

Digital Tagging

Aztek Fire Safety provides the latest technology in RFID and QR Code Tagging. We deliver an easy-to-use system designed for you to tag your assets with an RFID or QR Code, which gives you the ability to track an asset’s technical specifications and exact location.

We provide outdoor/indoor tamper resistant/evident tags and train your team to do the following:

  • Generate RFID tags/readers
  • Generate QR codes
  • How to digitally tag assets
  • How to map asset information
  • How to track assets