PermiTrak is a customizable web-based application that is optimized to use on mobile platforms. You can streamline your permitting process, responding to more requests in less time. PermiTrak delivers an online portal for applicants and agency users to easily interact.

Access. Anywhere. Anytime.

Empower your permitting organization with our secure web application. Functionality-based access secures your sensitive data, while tightly integrated modules of the web application allow immediate access from any connected device, and shares data with other modules.

Here’s What PermiTrak has to offer for our clients:


  • Register individuals and/or organizations
  • Apply for permits
  • Add comments and/or upload documents
  • Pay fees online
  • Share access with individuals and/or organizations
  • Receive notifications for expiring permits
  • Renew permits
  • View status and notifications on personalized dashboard


  • Auto-assignments
  • Return for corrections
  • Share access with local permitting agencies (can acknowledge the permits if required)
  • Create Ad Hoc queries that can be geolocated
  • Extensive Management reports
  • Revenue tracking
  • Automated notifications
  • Cloud-based document storage
  • Audit history of Users and Applications


  • Functionality-based access
  • Manage Permit Fees and Expiration notices
  • Customize letterhead and report headers along with appropriate e-signature authority
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Integration with other OSFM modules such as i-Planner, LicenseTrak, i-Inspector, i-Enforce, i-Investigate


When making requests through the i-Trax system, you can easily access the requests assigned to you. As a contractor, you can see the scheduled, in progress, and search for any outstanding or completed inspections. As the owner of the firm, your access will be a larger and broader view as to what you can see. i-Trax is a permission based system that helps keep everyone accountable.


PermiTrak gives users the ability to review certifications and previous permits.



With PermiTrak, firms can collect payments, and generate invoices.